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The view out of the window from our living room

Why we love Tanzania? and Why unboxing it?

That’s what we were asked by workmates, neighbors, friends, and relatives. Let us try to explain.


It is said Tanzania is the very quintessence of Africa. That sounds beautiful, right. You would think of Tanzania as home to the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Crater and not to forget Zanzibar. (Tanzania – It’s natural beauty of nature.) We think there is soo much more to it. We live in Dar and we didn’t think it to be so green. Check out what we see when we wake up in the morning. Did you see the sunsets we get to see (check on Instagram)?


Getting to know Tanzania you will find that nature-wise, it is beautifully diverse. But even more refreshing are the people of Tanzania. Literally all Tanzanians we met are extraordinarily welcoming, helpful and open-minded. They all greet us with the word “Mzungu” and a big smile.  (unbox “Mzungu”) Talking with Tanzanians always leaves us with a cheerful spirit. In Tanzania, we learn to view life (and ourselves) a bit differently. It helps us grow.


We must mention the food! Pilau, Kiti-moto, Chapati, Wali na Maharage, Samosas, Mandazis – and we did not even start the list of freshy-fresh fruits and vegetables. Tanzania grows both coffee and tea! That in itself is a reason already to live here. We packed our little manual coffee-grinder and it was totally worth it. Friends said, that we might lose some pounds when moving to Africa, but hey! that’s not gonna happen – the food is way to yummy.  Watch out for the unboxingTanzania of foooood. We would only ever learn a language and move to a country when we like the food.

Tanzanian Food: Rice with beens, meet, veggies and fruits / Wali ya marahage, nyama, mboga na matunda
Tanzanian Food: Rice with beans, meat, veggies and fruits / Wali ya maharagwe, nyama, mboga na matunda


That brings us to Swahili. They say it is a language easy to learn. As Native Germans, we can at least read most of the words. The grammar is somewhat very different though. Well, we will find out how long it will take us – and you too! We’ll keep you up-dated on our progress and share the funny mistakes we will surely make. “Haraka Haraka haina baraka! Pole Pole ndio mwendo!” slow and steady! 

Oh, maybe one mistake I made already, we can share here. It made us more aware of letters. Do you see the difference?

I wanted to say: “I understand” – “nimeelewa” – but I said “I am drunk” – “nimelewa

It is fantastic to try our little Swahili every day – and to increase our vocabulary. Our Tanzanian friends are incredibly helpful and encouraging. They try to understand what we want to say and keep cheering us “Hongera!”       

We love it!

We want to inhale Tanzania. We want to stop every step of the way and see the beauty of the moment. One doesn’t need much – just a moment. to look, to see and to appreciate.  

Why Tanzania, you ask? Well, yes, because it is Tanzania. We love it.

So, come and see unboxingtanzania! and then you’ll understand. 

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  1. Roland und Jenny S.

    Hey ihr Beiden, es ist so schön, von euch zu lesen. Und unser Afrika- Fernweh flammt sofort wieder auf… Viel Freude euch, viele schöne neue Erfahrungen!
    Liebe Grüße
    Roland und Jenny

    1. Claudia & Chris

      Hallo Roland und Jenny, danke euch! Ja, für Fernweh ist Tanzania das richtige Land.

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