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We will remember our Safari forever


There are few things in nature that impressed us as much as the plains of the Serengeti. It is incredibly beautiful and stunning. It is true, a safari in Tanzania is pricy – but so worth it. So, what should you keep in mind when you plan your Safari?

UnboxingTanzania shows you what you should specifically ask when you plan your Safari. We also give you our list of things you will definitely need when you go.

There are different options for Safaris. Our first Safari was a shared tour and we loved it. The next Safari we did as a little group with family. Let us tell you what the pros and cons of the different options are.  

Shared tour / Budget Safari

The provider of a shared tour will fill the 6-seater jeep. That is the reason, why those Safaris are a bit cheaper.  

So, in the car were the two of us and four others that we didn’t know yet. We were extremely lucky with our group! We even formed a WhatsApp group to exchange pictures we took on the Safari. Since we could communicate in one common language and were respectful with each other we all could enjoy a good time on Safari. For example, one of the girls wanted to spend a bit of time near a Hippo-pool and watch these gigantic animals. Well, she voiced it and we all agreed. That was a really good idea.

But to be honest, you don’t know what kind of group you gonna get. It could be that you are making a few compromises. It is good to think about how to make friends with your fellow travellers. Bring some snacks along to share. The one couple on the trip invited the whole car for a drink. Something nice, small, but not too trying.

When travelling on a budget we recommend the shared tour. You will have the extra bonus of meeting new people. Whoever goes has something in common with you already – being excited to see a special part of nature.

Private tour

The second Safari we did was a tour with family, so we decided on a private tour. What are the benefits? Well, in contrast to the shared tour, there are no other travellers in the car. Since we were only 4 in the car, we had more space, especially for our cameras. And we could also decide, what we would like to concentrate on.

Of course, that is more expensive than a shared tour. We think though, especially when you travel with friends or family, this is such a unique experience.

Since not all of you will be busy taking pictures, make sure to have one (or two) really good binoculars along. We enjoyed seeing the animals up close and admiring the details.  

What to ask when inquiring about a Safari?

Ask yourselves: What do you want to see? Do you want to do a balloon ride? Do you want to do a guided walk in one of the parks? What are your priorities? We found it helpful to start with a “smaller” National Park before you go into the Serengeti. Why? Well, have you ever been on a Safari already? A smaller Park right at the beginning will allow you to get into the routine. Who will sit where? How does the guide communicate? And we got to train our eyes to try to see animals in hiding.

Buffalos are hiding in the bush
Buffalos are hiding in the bush

Ask several providers for an offer. Be very precise about which parks you want to go to and about the kind of accommodation you’d prefer. In most cases, you will have your private chef travel along. That is also true on the budget Safari. If you follow a certain diet, mention that. We enjoyed that we got original Tanzanian food.


Around the Ngorongoro Crater, there is also another Park – the Ngorongoro Conservation Area National Park. Be sure that you get an offer to actually go into the crater!

What to bring along on a Safari?

When you booked your Safari, you can start with preparing – that is already a joy in itself. (If you want to inform yourselves about health care, read our article.)

There are some items that you should take along, that will make your Safari a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. Probably, you will think of the one or the other point on our list yourself. But maybe there’s one idea, you didn’t think of.

When you pack for the Safari keep in mind that you do not have a lot of space. Everything has to go in your jeep. It is essential that you pack very space-saving.

There are some so-called “no-brainers”. Still, they are important: sunscreen & bug spray (for your skin and for the room) & hand sanitiser & moisturizer (also for your lips) & toilet paper & personalised 1st aid supplies & microfibre towels.

Buff / Scarf / Cap It is very sandy, sunny and windy, so protect yourself 
Hair accessoriesBecause of the sandy wind, you might want to wear your hair in a little ponytail – a French or Dutch braid, maybe?
SunglassesThe sand will scratch your sunglasses when you stand in your jeep during a faster drive, so better take an older pair of sunglasses along as well.
ShoesSneakers should do if you do not do a walking safari.
Comfortable sandals are also good if you don’t want to wear heavy shoes in the jeep.
TrousersOne pair of tracking trousers and one for the evening. The “day-trousers” will be sandy and dirty. There is no need to wash it in between, but maybe you want to bring a brush along to un-sand your trousers in the evening.
Shirts3-4 Shirts are sufficient. Go for basic shirts, in neutral colours. They say that the dark colours attract some types of mosquitoes. And very bright colours scare some animals away. So be balanced, but comfortable.
Long-sleevesAnother layer of clothes can keep you warm. In the evening the long-sleeve shirts also protect you from mosquitos
Fleece jacket / rain and wind jacketThe wind can be cold when you drive a bit faster or when you sit in front of your accommodation after your sun-downer
Wooly Socks & PJThe rim of the Ngorongoro Crater is about 2000m. It will be freezing in the night.
Sleeping bag linerThis is a very thin sleeping bag. If you are tenting on your Safari, you will be provided with all camping gear by your provider. It is clean and neat, but we still sleep better in a coat of “our own”. It is also a nice extra insulation for the colder nights.
SnacksSome biscuits, nuts, mints.
Anything that doesn’t melt in the heat is perfect. Your driver will also be happy to snack along.
BinocularsWe cannot stress that enough! To see the details of the animals is so much more special. Ask around at home. Maybe a neighbour or an aunty has a pair of binoculars to lend you.
Camera & EquipmentYes, mobile phones have really good pictures, but! a proper camera makes much better pictures. Again, maybe you know someone to borrow a camera from.
Extra SD-CardOf course, you can also put the pics on your laptop in the evening, but it is really annoying if your SD-Card is full and you see the most beautiful, stunning, or amazing scene and have to be economical with your pictures.
Spare Battery & chargeryou just want to be prepared for a day of taking pictures and little videos of amazing views.
Camera tripodWe had a mono stand along on our first Safari. When your Camera is a bit heavier, that really makes the difference.
LaptopWe also take along a laptop to just save our photos in the evening. It’s also a fun way to recap the day and talk about the highlights.
Camera LensesDo not! change the lens of your camera during the Safari. There is no way that you can keep the dust away. (If you really have to, hide yourself and your Camera in your wind jacket. But we really recommend sticking with the one, that you chose in the morning)

The list cannot be complete. Your life and your comfort might be quite different from ours. So, think of what you usually need for the night or what is your favourite photo equipment (i.e. do you use a selfie stick?).

Bottom Line

When you go to East Africa a Safari is one of the amazing events that change you. The beauty of creation all around you, makes you feel small and great at the same time. It does not have to be the famous Serengeti or the Ngorongoro Crater.

Traffic jam in the Ngorongoro Crater - everyone wants to see a rhino
Traffic jam in the Ngorongoro Crater – everyone wants to see a rhino

There are so many other parks in Tanzania! They are all well-kept and full of amazing wildlife. We want to visit more of these parks, and we will take you along. So, stay tuned – here and on our social media channels (Instagram / Facebook) . Did you see the cats, we saw?