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Stunning Sunrise in the Serengeti

Tanzania’s Serengeti, Ngogongoro, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar – The Natural Beauty of Nature

Tanzania has a lot to explore. Food, culture, the lovely people and of course the beautiful untouched nature to name only a few. Why do you want to visit Tanzania? Is it the Serengeti that fascinates you? Or the Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Crater or Zanzibar? We are amazed about this wonderful country (Why Tanzania?).  

UnboxingTanzania gives you a short and compact overview of these national parks. We’ll also tell you what we love about these


Serengeti National Park is one of the first parks to be declared a World Heritage Site when the United Nations began its list in 1981. In this unique ecosystem, millions of wildebeests migrate across the stunning acacia plains every year. As you take in the bustle of thousands of animals around you, time just seems to stand still.

Every season has its own charm in the Serengeti. The sheer endlessness of the plains left us awe-struck. You can never forget a sunrise or sunset that you saw in the Serengeti. The deep red colours, the big fireball behind the acacia trees, the passing elephants and giraffes are life-time memories. It is almost impossible to capture this in a photo.

The charges for a safari in the Serengeti are a bit higher than any other national park in Tanzania, but we do not want to miss this safari. We even plan to spend more time in the Serengeti on our next visit.

Male Elephant strolling about in the Serengeti
Male Elephant strolling about in the Serengeti


Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on this beautiful continent – about 5.895 meters (19,340 feet). It is unique as it is the largest freestanding mountain. Kilimanjaro has become a popular hiking destination for locals and tourists – also because of its encouraging and experienced guides.

We dream of climbing this picturesque mountain, and those who have made it report about it with enthusiasm. The Kilimanjaro is often in clouds and if you break through those at about 3.500 meters you will be rewarded with a fantastic view. The higher you climb, the more fascinating the experience becomes.

The view from the summit over the glacier is priceless and the only bummer is that you cannot stay on the summit for long. The cold and the low oxygen content in the air take their toll on the exhausted body. However, everyone says that these 15 minutes at the summit justify the 3 to 6 days of pain.

Even if the ascent should not be technically difficult, many well-trained hikers do not reach the top without help – or down again. The altitude is an extreme challenge, so we are preparing for quite a climb! And for that we first have to build some stamina (or rather a lot).

Are you interested in the hot springs between Moshi and Arusha? The waterfalls around Kilimanjaro are beautiful and we recommend exploring the cities of Moshi and Arusha. On the many markets you can experience the people and the culture intensely.

For coffee lovers, a visit to a coffee plantation is a must. We were able to follow the process from harvest to complete coffee enjoyment, which was informative and fun. 

There is just a lot to explore, cultural and scenic.


The Ngorongoro is the largest caldera in the world – a crater created by a collapsing volcano. It is part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area National Park, founded in 1953. The approach to the crater leads past a viewpoint at the crater rim, where we first realized how huge the Ngorongoro crater is. The steep slopes, filled with trees and bushes, offer some good hiding places for leopards and for the approximately 60 black rhinos. Although the rhinos are equipped with GPS and the guides of the park let you know if there is any near the trails, the chance to see it is small. It’s just the great outdoors and not a zoo. That is what makes it special.

You will not see giraffes inside the crater, which is due to the steep slopes but mainly to the food supply. It’s only the “wrong kind” of acacia that grows in the Ngorongoro crater -according to a giraffe’s palate.

However, the probability of seeing lions, elephants, and hippos up close is incredibly high. The animals are used to the presence of jeeps and know us humans as friendly visitors.

We were particularly impressed by the hustle and bustle of the animals at one of the waterholes. Ask your guide to switch off the engine, enjoy the peace and simply admire the animals. In all directions you can watch life, almost as if you were invisible.

Spot at a water pool innside the Ngorngoro Crater
Spot at a water pool innside the Ngorngoro Crater

As good guests, we humans leave the crater in the evening – at night the Ngorongoro belongs to the animals.

The area around the crater is a breath-taking reservoir itself, and unlike inside the crater, you will see the national animal of Tanzania, the giraffe. Would you like to learn more about the culture of the Masais? In this reservoir there are many opportunities to visit Maasai villages and immerse yourself in their culture.


If you book your own safari, make sure that it says explicitly that you are actually going into the crater.


There are more national parks in Tanzania than these. Each of the 22 parks is unique and worth a visit?


Zanzibar is one of the jewels in the Indian Ocean. It is an experience of its own – the fascinating history, the incredible nature, the enchanting sunsets and the magnificent beaches. The exotic spices give you a chance to discover Zanzibar with all your senses. You can swim with dolphins, visit the old town of Stone Town and visit the night market, chill out on the beach or just smell the sea.

Zanzibar is the perfect place to process the impressions of your stay in Tanzania. The safaris were terrific. After the African massage on the gravel roads in the jeep and the numerous sightings – there is nothing better than to dangle your feet on one of the beautiful beaches on Zanzibar. After a few days on the island, you are fully relaxed and well rested.


In the north you’ll find beautiful beaches and the region around Nungwi is well developed for tourism.


In the east the tides are more intense, so the way into the sea can be longer at low tide. That’s why the east of the island is quieter, more natural, and cheaper than the north, so you can relax here.

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Unboxing Tanzania

Our attempt is to unbox Tanzania – discovering the little details in this great country. Here in Tanzania, we learn to look at life from a different angle (Learn more About US).

We also report on the famous national parks because they are unique. However, we don’t consider these stunning parks to be a bucket list to tick off, and you shouldn’t do so either. Don’t just chase the “Big Five”, enjoy your time here, submerge into Tanzania, including the famous spots. See and admire the natural beauty of Tanzania’s nature.

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