that is Claudia & Chris

We married in 2010 and have enjoyed to travel to different beautiful places together. We made amazing friends around the world.

We used to say: “When we turn 40, we want to start something new.” Well, we are 40 and we made the step to live in Tanzania. Germany is indeed a wonderful country! Nature and people are amazingly diverse. Yes, we feel at home in Germany!

But there are many more great places. For example Tanzania. Our blog is all about this country, its people and its nature.


taking the time unpacking a gift. For us it is the keen interest in every detail. 

This is what we want to do for you – we want to share our exciting experiences, impressions and joys about the real Tanzania with you.

Tanzania / Nature​

Did you know? There are sharkes in Lake Viktoria. There are no giraffes in the Ngorongoro Crater. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. The lakes in the Great Rift Valley belong to the oldest and deepest freshwater lakes on earth. The Serengeti is often called the quintessence of Africa.

Unboxing: unique treasures in wildlife, favourite spots in national parks, tips for your perfect safari and more

Tanzania / Travel​

Did you know?East Africa is not your home. You will want to prepare for an unfamiliar infrastructure, cultural habits and climate. Well equipped you will enjoy special moments in beautiful places in Tanzania.

Unboxing: essential preparations include: vaccination, clothing, equipment and health & safety and more


Tanzania / Swahili​

Did you know? Swahili means something like “those who live at the coast”. Swahili is spoken throughout East Africa by more than 200 million people. We heard it`s easy to learn.

Unboxing: our journey of learning Swahili and the beauty of this language

Tanzania / Food​

Did you know? The east coast of Africa has a long history of trade with the Arabic and Asian world. Those travelers brought their favorite dishes along. Tanzanians combined this with the traditional local cuisine. Very yummy!

Unboxing: a taste of the local dishes, recipes to try at home, interviews with local chefs and more